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Clin Endosc. 2013 May;46(3):301-305.
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Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome Associated with Serrated Adenoma and Malignant Polyp: A Case Report and a Literature Review of 13 Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome Cases in Korea
So Hee Yun, Jin Woong Cho, Ji Woong Kim, Joong Keun Kim, Moon Sik Park, Na Eun Lee, Jae Un Lee and Young Jae Lee
Department of Internal Medicine, Presbyterian Medical Center, Jeonju, Korea
Corresponding Author: Young Jae Lee , Tel: +82-63-230-1310 , Fax: +82-63-230-1309 , Email: yz9017@daum.net
Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (CCS) is a rare nonfamilial polyposis syndrome characterized by epithelial disturbances both in the gastrointestinal tract and in the epidermis. The pathologic finding of the polyp is usually a hamartomatous polyp of the juvenile type; however, the possibility of serrated adenoma associated malignant neoplasm was reported in some Japanese cases. Up till now in South Korea, 13 CCS cases have been reported, but there was no case accompanied by the colon cancer. We report the first case of CCS associated with malignant colon polyp and serrated adenoma in Korea. A 72-year-old male patient who complained of diarrhea and weight loss was presented with both hands and feet nail dystrophy, hyperpigmentation, and alopecia. Endoscopic examination showed numerous hamartomatous polyps from the stomach to the colon. The pathologic results confirmed colon cancer and serrated adenoma. Helicobacter pylori eradication and prednisolone was used. Thus, the authors report this case along with a literature review.
Keywords: Intestinal polyposis; Colonic neoplasms; Serrated adenoma; Helicobacter pylori
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