Clinical Endoscopy

Interview with 2018 Top Reviewer

Joon Sung Kim
Incheon St. Mary's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea
Dr. Joon Sung Kim, had been selected as a Top Reviewer of Clinical Endoscopy in 2018. The followings are Dr. Kim’s opinion and suggestions on reviewing articles for Clinical Endoscopy. Four factors that Dr. Kim considers prior to accepting the invitation to reviewing an article are: (1) knowledge about the topic, (2) how interested about the topic, (3) free from conflict of interest, and (4) whether he has the time to review the article. Major difficulties that he encountered during the reviews were: (1) heterogeneity of topics and publication types, (2) manuscripts from world renowned researchers, (3) absence of deadline in emails, (4) lack of annotated version during second review, and (5) manuscripts that do not follow the Instructions for Authors. Dr. Kim recommended the followings in order to improve the reviewing process of Clinical Endoscopy: (1) provision of reviewer guideline for each publication type, (2) inclusion of deadline in emails, (3) submission of both annotated and clean versions of revised manuscript for second review, (4) preview of technical aspects of the manuscript by editors prior to sending out to reviewers.
Editorial Board of Clinical Endoscopy truly appreciates Dr. Kim's constructive criticism and will strive to improve the reviewing system.