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Duc Trong Quach 3 Articles
Utility of narrow-band imaging with or without dual focus magnification in neoplastic prediction of small colorectal polyps: a Vietnamese experience
Tien Manh Huynh, Quang Dinh Le, Nhan Quang Le, Huy Minh Le, Duc Trong Quach
Clin Endosc 2023;56(4):479-489.   Published online May 24, 2023
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/Aims: Accurate neoplastic prediction can significantly decrease costs associated with pathology and unnecessary colorectal polypectomies. Narrow band imaging (NBI) and dual-focus (DF) mode are promising emerging optical technologies for recognizing neoplastic features of colorectal polyps digitally. This study aimed to clarify the clinical usefulness of NBI with and without DF assistance in the neoplastic prediction of small colorectal polyps (<10 mm).
This cross-sectional study included 530 small colorectal polyps from 343 consecutive patients who underwent colonoscopy at the University Medical Center from September 2020 to May 2021. Each polyp was endoscopically diagnosed in three successive steps using white-light endoscopy (WLE), NBI, and NBI-DF and retrieved for histopathological assessment. The diagnostic accuracy of each modality was evaluated with reference to histopathology.
There were 295 neoplastic polyps and 235 non-neoplastic polyps. The overall accuracies of WLE, WLE+NBI, and WLE+NBI+NBI-DF in the neoplastic prediction of colorectal polyps were 70.8%, 87.4%, and 90.8%, respectively (p<0.001). The accuracy of WLE+NBI+NBI-DF was significantly higher than that of WLE+NBI in the polyp size ≤5 mm subgroup (87.3% vs. 90.1%, p<0.001).
NBI improved the real-time neoplastic prediction of small colorectal polyps. The DF mode was especially useful in polyps ≤5 mm in size.


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  • Strategy for post-polypectomy colonoscopy surveillance: focus on the revised Korean guidelines
    Yong Soo Kwon, Su Young Kim
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Assessment of Endoscopic Gastric Atrophy according to the Kimura-Takemoto Classification and Its Potential Application in Daily Practice
Duc Trong Quach, Toru Hiyama
Clin Endosc 2019;52(4):321-327.   Published online July 22, 2019
AbstractAbstract PDFPubReaderePub
The assessment of endoscopic gastric atrophy (EGA) according to the Kimura-Takemoto classification has been reported to correlate well with histological assessment. Although agreement among beginner endoscopists was less than that among experienced endoscopists, it has been shown that agreement level could markedly improve and remained stable after proper training. Several cohort studies have consistently shown that the severity of EGA at baseline is significantly associated with the presence of advanced precancerous gastric lesions and gastric cancer, as well as the development of gastric cancer in future. Patients with moderate-to-severe EGA still have high risk of gastric cancer even after successful Helicobacter pylori eradication and should be candidates for gastric cancer surveillance. The assessment of EGA, therefore, could be used as a preliminary tool to identify individuals at high risk for gastric cancer. In this paper, we review the agreement on mucosal atrophy assessment between the Kimura-Takemoto classification and histology as well as the potential application of this endoscopic classification to identify precancerous gastric lesions and gastric cancer in daily practice.


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Endoscopic hemostatic powder as a salvage treatment for acute gastrointestinal bleeding
Duc Trong Quach
Received April 29, 2024  Accepted May 28, 2024  Published online June 11, 2024  
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