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Advanced endoscopic imaging for detection of Barrett’s esophagus
Netanel Zilberstein, Michelle Godbee, Neal A. Mehta, Irving Waxman
Clin Endosc 2024;57(1):1-10.   Published online January 5, 2024
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Barrett’s esophagus (BE) is the precursor to esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC), and is caused by chronic gastroesophageal reflux. BE can progress over time from metaplasia to dysplasia, and eventually to EAC. EAC is associated with a poor prognosis, often due to advanced disease at the time of diagnosis. However, if BE is diagnosed early, pharmacologic and endoscopic treatments can prevent progression to EAC. The current standard of care for BE surveillance utilizes the Seattle protocol. Unfortunately, a sizable proportion of early EAC and BE-related high-grade dysplasia (HGD) are missed due to poor adherence to the Seattle protocol and sampling errors. New modalities using artificial intelligence (AI) have been proposed to improve the detection of early EAC and BE-related HGD. This review will focus on AI technology and its application to various endoscopic modalities such as high-definition white light endoscopy, narrow-band imaging, and volumetric laser endomicroscopy.


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  • Advancements in Barrett's esophagus detection: The role of artificial intelligence and its implications
    Sara Massironi
    World Journal of Gastroenterology.2024; 30(11): 1494.     CrossRef
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Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)-Guided Pancreatic Duct Drainage: The Basics of When and How to Perform EUS-Guided Pancreatic Duct Interventions
Christopher G. Chapman, Irving Waxman, Uzma D. Siddiqui
Clin Endosc 2016;49(2):161-167.   Published online March 25, 2016
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Despite the advances in endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound-guided pancreatic duct drainage (EUS-PDD) remains a technically challenging procedure. Technical success rates are greater than 70%; however, the average rate of adverse events is nearly 20%, which increases to 55% when stent migration is included. Until recently, a significant difficulty with this technique was the absence of dedicated devices. Proper patient selection is of utmost importance, and EUS-PDD should be reserved for patients who have failed endoscopic retrograde pancreatography. Furthermore, EUS-PDD must be performed by experienced endoscopists who are familiar with the technique. The most common indications include chronic pancreatitis induced strictures and stones, disconnected pancreatic ducts, inaccessible ampulla, and post-surgical altered anatomy. This manuscript will review the accessories used, techniques employed, and published literature reporting outcomes as well as adverse events regarding EUS-PDD.


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    Anthony Y B Teoh, Vinay Dhir, Mitsuhiro Kida, Ichiro Yasuda, Zhen Dong Jin, Dong Wan Seo, Majid Almadi, Tiing Leong Ang, Kazuo Hara, Ida Hilmi, Takao Itoi, Sundeep Lakhtakia, Koji Matsuda, Nonthalee Pausawasdi, Rajesh Puri, Raymond S Tang, Hsiu-Po Wang, A
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    Yuto Shimamura, Jeffrey Mosko, Christopher Teshima, Gary R May
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  • Advances in endotherapy in chronic pancreatitis
    Emmanuel Coronel, Tomas DaVee, Jeffrey H. Lee
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  • Endoscopic Ultrasonography-Guided Techniques for Accessing and Draining the Biliary System and the Pancreatic Duct
    Mihai Rimbaş, Alberto Larghi
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  • Removal of Pancreatic Duct Stones by Endoscopic Ultrasonography-Guided Rendezvous ERCP
    Li-Chang Hsing, Jinyoung Kim, Ha Il Kim, Jae Cheol Park, Jisoo Han, Jae Hyuck Jun, Myung-Hwan Kim
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  • Challenges of Endoscopic Management of Pancreaticobiliary Complications in Surgically Altered Gastrointestinal Anatomy
    Tin Moe Wai, Eun Young Kim
    Clinical Endoscopy.2016; 49(6): 502.     CrossRef
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