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Jin-Hyeok Hwang 3 Articles
How to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy in Suspicious Ampullary Lesions?
Woo Hyun Paik, Jin-Hyeok Hwang
Clin Endosc 2015;48(3):185-186.   Published online May 29, 2015
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One Case of Common Bile Duct Cancer Mimicking Cystic Neoplasm of the Pancreas, Arising 9 Years after Excision of a Choledochal Cyst
Sang Wook Park, Sang Hyub Lee, Young Ook Eum, Hong Sang Oh, Donghyeon Lee, Eunhyo Jin, Kwanghyun Chung, Jin-Hyeok Hwang
Clin Endosc 2012;45(4):435-439.   Published online November 30, 2012
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A 42-years-old woman had undergone operation for cholecochal cyst with gallbladder cancer 9 years ago. Pathology revealed a polypoid mass in the gallbladder with liver infiltration as poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography, and endoscopic ultrasound showed a newly developed suspected solid nodule in the peripheral portion of cystic lesion in the pancreas head. She underwent a pylorus preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy for the suspected mucinous cystic neoplasm of the pancreas. Pathology revealed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. The remnant choledochal cyst had developed to cholangiocarcinoma, which mimicked cystic neoplasm of the pancreas.


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  • Carcinoma of the Papilla of Vater after Diversion Operation for Pancreaticobiliary Maljunction
    Takahiro Yamanaka, Kenichiro Araki, Norihiro Ishii, Mariko Tsukagoshi, Takamichi Igarashi, Akira Watanabe, Norio Kubo, Hiroyuki Kuwano, Ken Shirabe
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  • Treatment and outcomes of adults with┬áremnant intrapancreatic choledochal cysts
    Hong-Tian Xia, Tao Yang, Bin Liang, Jian-Ping Zeng, Jia-Hong Dong
    Surgery.2016; 159(2): 418.     CrossRef
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Dual Therapy Trial Using Esomeprazole and Amoxicillin as Third-line Rescue Therapy for Helicobacter pylori Infection
Hyun Kyung Park, Dong Ho Lee, Seungchul Suh, Pyoung Ju Seo, Nayoung Kim, Sook-Hyang Jeong, Jin-Wook Kim, Jin-Hyeok Hwang, Young Soo Park, Sang Hyub Lee, Cheol Min Shin
Clin Endosc 2011;44(1):33-37.   Published online September 30, 2011
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of dual therapy consisting of esomeprazole and amoxicillin as a rescue therapy for Helicobacter pylori infection.


From December 2009 to August 2010, 21 patients who experienced two consecutive eradication failures were included. They received esomeprazole (40 mg, b.i.d.) and amoxicillin (1,000 mg, b.i.d.) for 14 days as a third eradication regimen. Compliance and side effects were determined from an interview. H. pylori status was evaluated using the 13C urea breath test at least 6 weeks after treatment.


The mean age of the patients was 59 years and included 52% males. Indications for treatment were functional dyspepsia (61.9%), peptic ulcer disease (28.6%), and gastric adenoma (9.5%). H. pylori was eradicated in 14 of 21 (66.7%) patients. Minor side effects were reported in three of the 21 patients (14.3%). These side effects consisted mainly of nausea and epigastric discomfort.


A 2-week course of dual therapy failed to show satisfactory results in third-line H. pylori eradication, but it was very safe and tolerable. Therefore, dual therapy constitutes an encouraging empirical strategy for the elderly and infirm patients with multiple previous eradication failures.


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  • Dual therapy for Helicobacter pylori infection
    Miao Duan, Jing Liu, Xiuli Zuo
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  • Helicobacter pylori Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing-Guided Salvage Therapy in the USA: A Real Life Experience
    Bei Tan, Jyh-Chin Yang, Carol L. Young, Shrinivas Bishu, Stephanie Y. Owyang, Mohamad El-Zaatari, Min Zhang, Helmut Grasberger, Jia-ming Qian, John Y. Kao
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  • Treatment of Helicobacter pylori Infection in Korea: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    Sang Wook Lee, Hyun Jung Kim, Jae Gyu Kim
    Journal of Korean Medical Science.2015; 30(8): 1001.     CrossRef
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