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Sachin Wani 2 Articles
Quality Indicators in Barrett’s Esophagus: Time to Change the Status Quo
Samuel Han, Sachin Wani
Clin Endosc 2018;51(4):344-351.   Published online July 31, 2018
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The push for high quality care in all fields of medicine highlights the importance of establishing and adhering to quality indicators.In response, several gastrointestinal societies have established quality indicators specific to Barrett’s esophagus, which serve to createthresholds for performance while standardizing practice and guiding value-based care. Recent studies, however, have consistentlydemonstrated the lack of adherence to these quality indicators, particularly in surveillance (appropriate utilization of endoscopy andobtaining biopsies using the Seattle protocol) and endoscopic eradication therapy practices. These findings suggest that innovativeinterventions are needed to address these shortcomings in order to deliver high quality care to patients with Barrett’s esophagus.


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Addition of Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration and On-Site Cytology to EUS-Guided Fine Needle Biopsy Increases Procedure Time but Not Diagnostic Accuracy
Rajesh N. Keswani, Kumar Krishnan, Sachin Wani, Laurie Keefer, Srinadh Komanduri
Clin Endosc 2014;47(3):242-247.   Published online May 31, 2014
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Although the diagnostic accuracy of endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) in pancreas adenocarcinoma is high, endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle biopsy (EUS-FNB) is often required in other lesions; in these cases, it may be possible to forgo initial EUS-FNA and rapid on-site cytology evaluation (ROSE). The aim of this study was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of EUS-FNB alone (EUS-FNB group) with a conventional sampling algorithm of EUS-FNA with ROSE followed by EUS-FNB (EUS-FNA/B group) in nonpancreas adenocarcinoma lesions.


Retrospective cohort study of subjects who underwent EUS sampling of nonpancreatic adenocarcinoma lesions between February 2011 and May 2013.


Over the study period, there were 43 lesions biopsied in 41 unique patients in the EUS-FNB group and 53 patients in the EUS-FNA/B group. Overall diagnostic accuracy was similar between the EUS-FNB and EUS-FNA/B groups (83.7% vs. 84.9%; p=1.0). In the subgroup of subepithelial mass lesions, diagnostic accuracy remained similar in the EUS-FNB and EUS-FNA/B groups (81.0% and 70.6%; p=0.7). EUS-FNB procedures were significantly shorter than those in the EUS-FNA/B group (58.4 minutes vs. 73.5 minutes; p<0.0001).


EUS-FNB without on-site cytology provides a high diagnostic accuracy in nonpancreas adenocarcinoma lesions. There appears to be no additive benefit with initial EUS-FNA but this requires further study in a prospective study.


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  • EUS-guided tissue acquisition: an evidence-based approach (with videos)
    Sachin Wani, V. Raman Muthusamy, Srinadh Komanduri
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